We welcome all our volunteers. Thank you for joining Road Warrior Guardian. For a few years it has just been my family and I doing Road Warrior Guardian. It is very exciting to share our story and initiative with you. I hope you will consider joining our cause and being part of Road Warrior Guardian. I will be the primary webmaster so please bear with me. Between school, work, swim team and other activities I will do my best to keep the website up and running.

Thank you!

Stoney (Alexander)

UPDATE : August 2018

We congratulate Samantha my sister who will take over the lead for Road Warrior Guardian while I am at university. I will still be involved and help drive the program, but my sister who is a co-founder will take over the daily operations. We thank everyone who has contributed and are active participants. With no recognition for what you do, you are all true Heroes! Stoney

I would like to welcome everyone! Thank you for what you all do to support Road Warrior Guardian! My brother, family and I look forward to the success we will share in supporting our communities together. We do not take monetary donations so please give locally or send your donated hygiene products to us and we will distribute to shelters. Thank you!

Samantha (Sam)