What a year – looking forward to a new start. This past year has been rough… we did our best to provide what we could and made as many donation deliveries as possible. Getting ready to wind down another year with our last few deliveries. We apologize that we do not keep this site up to date or add very much. The main purpose is to tell our story and hope others will support their communities. Adjusting to school at home and work at home has been tough. Thought we would update the last few shelters we are delivering before we wind it down for the year. The New Year is right around the corner and we hope it brings healing, health and great fortune to everyone. We wish we counted how many bottles of hand sanitizer, individual shampoo and conditioner bottles, toilet paper, paper towels, wipes etc. that we have left on door steps just through the few months of the pandemic. Hoping people smiled when they saw these things at their front door. We notified local heroes at police stations, most suggested usual donation centers, but we felt since many could not or would not travel away from home, delivery was a better way. Although we could not tell who was in need or not we used our best judgement and regardless community should transcend all social and economic status. We wish you all the best. Thanks!

Wrenn House – Runaway and Crisis Intervention Home
HADIT – Helping Addicted or Disabled Individuals Home for Veterans
Looking forward to another year