Although it still has been tough with Covid, it seems everyone is thinking of others as well as themselves and that has been great. We have heard from many of our friends that have been giving to shelters in their area. My brother has helped me with a new hosting company and so we have not published a lot since we both have been busy with school and my brother has been in the process of updating the site and moving to a new hosting site. My dad helped me with drop-offs all quarter which was a big help. We made several random NEW site deliveries this past quarter. For all those that participate and follow us please continue to donate in your communities. We are trying to fix the homeless shelter location feature we had on our website, we apologize that it is currently down. Please web search homeless shelters in your area. We cannot thank you all enough for donating hygiene products to those in need. We recently travelled through Fayetteville where we we approached by a homeless women. Most brushed her off as a scam, however, we try to give whenever there are those in need regardless of circumstance. I know some may lie or try to cheat, but anyone so down that they have to beg for money or food deserves a chance, so we gave the women several dollars to eat and to take care of her grandson who she claimed she was trying to be responsible for. She broke down in tears and in my opinion was genuinely grateful and in need. My dad went into the station to get water and some snacks, while waiting in line the Women went up to my dad and said thank you again. She also said that when my dad prayed again she wanted him not to forget her and to tell God Shirley needs help. My dad responded that God already knows her and she only needs to ask God herself for help and to have faith. Thanks to everyone for giving and we continue to look forward to all that you do to help your communities. Samantha